Club Officers and Board



Jane Albrecht                         President
Lance Simmens                     Vice-President
Ted Vaill                                     Vice-President
David Kramer                        Treasurer
Jay Liebig                                 Assistant Treasurer
Ted Vaill                                    Secretary


(Alpahbetical Order)
Jane Albrecht                                          Jay Liebig
Ralph Erickson                                        Ellen Lubic
Daisy Johnston                                       Carol Moss
David Kramer                                          Lance Simmens
Diane Landau                                          Ted Vaill

Officer and Board Biographies

(Alphabetical Order)

Jane Albrecht                                                                                  President

Jane Albrecht

Jane Albrecht is a Democratic activist, film industry executive, strategist, attorney and international relations expert. Jane began her career at the US International Trade Commission in Washington, DC, working on trade disputes between countries and industries. She thereafter worked in private practice, representing US interests before the White House, the Executive Branch, Congress and the Federal Courts. She subsequently spent 13 years in Brussels and London, representing US interests overseas. For 10 of her years in Europe, she served as a Vice-President in the Motion Picture Association (MPAA) headquarters for Europe, Africa & the Middle East, where she worked with filmmakers, distributors, studios and governments in the region. After returning from Europe, she founded The Albrecht Group for political and policy work in Washington, DC, and the Global Entertainment Network (GEN), a consultancy to help film-makers, producers and creative talent get their projects developed, produced and distributed. Jane has also volunteered for many political and charitable efforts. She worked to help stop apartheid in South Africa. She helped build up the Hartley-Merrill International Screenwriting Prize for screenwriters in Eastern Europe, and served on its Board for 10 years. She has worked for every Presidential campaign since the Clinton campaign of 1992, and has supported several Congressional and state campaigns. She served 2 terms as President of Democrats Abroad Belgium. After moving to California, she worked with Friends of Temescal Pool to fight to save a historic community resource in the Palisades that was vital for senior citizens, children, families and the disabled. Ms. Albrecht is married to Dr. William Swartout, CTO of USC’s Institute for Creative Technology and lives in Malibu.


Ralph Erickson                                                                      President Emeritus

Ralph Ericson

Ralph is a retired federal judge who is a member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee.  He is member of the State Party Central Committee and was 41st Assembly District 2004 Democrat of the Year.   Ralph also is a Democratic Party Region 10 State Committee Member and a Santa Monica/Malibu School District committee member.  But here in Malibu, he is known as the president emeritus of a Malibu Democratic Club  where he is loved and respected and known for his wry insights, inspiring leadership and gentle guidance on a variety of perplexing issues.


Daisy Johnston                                                                                Board Member

Daisy Johnston is a Freshman and Malibu High School, and the first High School member of the Malibu Democratic Club.   She is the representative of the Malibu Democratic Club at Malibu High.  In addition to school and volunteering, Daisy also has a part-time job at Malibu’s beloved Malibu Yoghurt.  Daisy is interested in engineering and politics.  She is interested in a career as an elected official, and wants to make a positive difference.   The Club is thrilled to have Daisy “on Board”.


David M. Kramer                                                                                           Treasurer

David Kramer

David spent most of his career as CFO and EVP for Budget Rent-a-Car of Southern California. A very complicated business.  David retired in 2016. David brings to the Club over 45 years of business, financial, accounting, and operating experience. He is an IRS Enrolled Agent and has a great tax background. He has strong organizational skills and helped build Budget Rent-a-Car of Southern California into a successful operation with well over 100 million dollars a year in revenue  from franchising and operations. He and his wife Shelley Kramer ( self-employed) have lived on Point Dume in Malibu for over 30 years. They raised their son Andrew here. He has been part of numerous Malibu school and other organizations.


Dianne Landau                                                                                   Board Member  

Dianne Landau

Dianne is a 20-year resident of Malibu, a corporate executive in Fortune 500 Companies, and the Founder President of Landau Coaching Associates, a nation-wide leadership development and executive coaching firm, formed in 2001. Dianne received her MBA in International Communications & Technology, and has worked throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America. Dianne has also been active in national political and charitable organizations, including: The Sierra Club, Save the Children, Habitat for Humanity, and the Committee to Elect Hilary as well as The National Association for Persons with Disabilities. She has been active in Malibu civic activities as well: the Santa Monica Bay Keepers, Heal the Bay, Save Malibu Lagoon. She is a past member of the Malibu Township Council, and is an active Board Member of the Malibu Democratic Club.


Jay Liebig                                                                                     Assistant Treasurer

Jay Liebig

Jay started his career an accountant in a mid-town New York City CPA firm, specializing in the hectic garment center. After traveling through California on a business trip to Oregon, Jay was “bitten by the sunshine.” He moved to Northern California in 1967 and then Los Angeles in1973. Although he obtained his California CPA certificate, he left accounting to join a shopping center development company, working on projects in California and Hawaii. For the last 20 years, Jay and his wife, Dianne Landau, have lived in Malibu and have consistently and generously given their time to the community and Democratic causes. They became active locally in the Sierra Club, Bay Keepers, and Heal the Bay. They are lifetime members of the ACLU. Jay has also been a member of the board of Malibu Township Council and Pointe of Malibu HOA. As a CPA. Jay did pro bono work for the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund in early 70’s. In the past, Jay ran for the Malibu City Council primarily to voice his position against excessive commercial development and to preserve Malibu’s unique lifestyle. Jay is proud to be a life-long registered Democrat.


Ellen Lubic                                                                                             Board Member

Ellen is the owner of Valuing Difference (a conflict management company) and the national Director of Joining Forces for Education.   She is a public policy educator, political journalist, writer, tv pundit, as well as a professional mediator.  For the past 6 years, she has also been a blogger and consultant for Dr. Diane Ravitch, a leading educational historian at NYU.  Previously, Ellen worked with the LA Human Relations Commission as a gang negotiator .  She has been an educational consultant for NGO’s including the Stanford Research Institute, Unysis, and Rand.  Ellen has given generously of her time to the Democratic Party and causes.  She has directed campaigns of Democratic candidates.  Ellen was a founding member of Santa Barbara Woman Against Gun Violence, as well as the political/environmental group “We Watch”.  She served 8 years on the Santa Barbara County Human Relations Commission.  She has also served on the Board and/or volunteered for the AAUW, NWPC, and the League of Women Voters.  Ellen grew up in Pacific Palisades, and attended California public schools from kindergarten through university (UCLA), before attending private law school.  She remains a loyal Bruins fan.


Carol Moss                                                                                           Board Member

Carol Moss

Founder, Malibu CART (an organization to find shelter and assistance for the homeless); Member, Preserve Malibu; Charter member, Malibu Township Council; Save Malibu Lagoon; founding board member, Santa Monica MountainsConservancy, Governor’s deputy on Port Hueneme (under Jerry Brown). National politics: McGovern delegate, Tibet support groups, member of California Bar since 1996, Malibu Colony HOA Board.


Lance Simmens                                                                                   Vice-President

Lance Simmens

Lance has spent four decades in senior level positions in public policy, politics, and government. He has served in two Presidential Administrations (Carter and Clinton), two U.S. Senators, two Governors, the Georgia State Senate, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the U.S. Senate Budget Committee and the Presidential Commission on Year 2000 Conversion. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Georgia Southern University, his Masters in Public Administration from Temple University, completed his doctoral courses at George Washington University and has received certification in Environmental Economics from the Harvard Institute for International Development and the Senior Managers in Government Executive program at the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard.


Ted Vaill                                                                                                  Vice-President

Ted Vaill
Ted Vaill has been helping shape Malibu’s future for more than 15 years and his local involvement and governmental experience are helping to restore the Malibu Democratic Club’s political influence.  A 40-year Malibu resident, Ted has been a member of the City of Malibu Planning Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission. He is a three-term delegate to the California Democratic Convention and Central Committee, and has been a vice president of the Malibu Democratic Club since 2011.  Ted earned his J.D. from the University of Chicago,and served the Navy as a lawyer in the South Pacific. He has been an L.A.-area lawyer since 1969. Early in his career he was  a park ranger in the Grand Tetons. He has authored more than 30 articles in the LA Progressive and the Hollywood Progressive. He also makes documentary films.