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Malibu Native, and our State Senator Henry Stern is asking Malibu Democrats to help flip CA’s nearby 25th Congressional District, and Fight the Republican Effort to Recall State Senator Josh Newman (D-29). Henry will be working hard on these 2 races. So Hop on Board and Help Henry and Democrats in These Final Critical Weeks Leading Up to the Primary.

This Saturday, May 19, 2018, 10 am – 1:00 pm


 Followed by a Party where Henry will BBQ for you!
Katie Hill is one of the Democratic Candidates running to flip CA’s 25th District for the US House of Representatives.  CA-25 is one of the top 7 districts in the US to flip this November. It is the only congressional district covering part of LA that is represented by a Republican, incumbent US Rep. Steve Knight.  In a recently released poll from an independent polling source “http://www.ca-bam.com/about/“Katie is shown to beat incumbent Steve Knight in the general election by 13 points.
CA-25 covers part of north LA County and part of Ventura County. It includes the cities of Simi Valley, Santa ClaritaPalmdaleLancaster, and the northern part of the San Fernando Valley.
Host: Senator Henry Stern
Where: Katie Hill for Congress HQ,  23120 Lyons Ave., Unit #16, Newhall (Santa Clarita), CA
To RSVP: Click “Going” on the Facebook Page for the Event

Saturday, May 19, 2018, 2-4 pm


An second event where you can meet and support Katie Hill.
Hosts: Judy Hellinger, Sara Nichols, Jan Levine & Fran Diamond
To Rsvp:Click Here.
Where: Pacific Palisades, address provided upon rsvp.
Suggested contribution levels:
Activist: $ 60 / Guest: $100 / Host: $250 / Friend: $500 / Sponsor: $1,000
Event Paid for by Katie Hill for Congress.


Sunday, May 20, 2018, 6-9 pm


Honoring: US Rep. Maxine Waters; Yvonne Wheeler, National Rep, AFGE District Council 12; LA City Council Member David Ryu (District 4); Anti-Recidivism Coalition; Elizabeth Alcantar Loza; and Brett CS Robert. Your support for the LA County Democratic Party (which serves 2.7 million Democrats), and your local clubs is critical to the Party’s ability to flip districts in CA this November.
Where: Town & Gown at USC, 655 Exposition Blvd., LA CA 90089
Parking:  $12  in Building PSX. Enter Gate 3 off Figueroa St. Visit lacdp.org/JFKMap for a map featuring the route from the parking structure to the Town & Gown. A shuttle-cart will be available.
RSVP/Get tickets: Click Here.
Tickets: $ 150 each. Seats still available but going fast.
Other Donations & Ads in Commemorative Booklet: Click Here.   

 Saturday, June 2, 2018, 8:00 am – 2:00 pm


On Sat., June 2,  Malibu’s own Henry Stern will lead a caravan of buses to Fullerton, CA, to  canvass to defeat the Republican recall of  Democratic State Senator Josh Newman on June 5,  2018.
Josh Newman, Democratic State Senator for the 29th CA Senate District,  flipped the 29th District from red to blue 2 years ago, narrowly defeating the Republican candidate.  Josh is NOT up for re-election this year.  So, in an attempt to improperly overturn the election,  the Republicans are waging a recall campaign against him.   The LA Times wrote, “Just Say No” to this “abuse of the ballot box”.    The Times notes that Newman has done nothing to warrant being tossed from office in the middle of his term.  The extraordinary measure of a recall (mid-term “political de-capitation”) was meant to address problems such as elected officials who have committed felonies or have become unhinged.  Josh has stellar credentials and a solid track record in the CA Senate.  A graduate of Yale and an Army Veteran, before running for office, he started a non-profit, ArmedForce2Workforce, to help young veterans find jobs and rewarding careers. The ostensible reason that Republicans are seeking a recall is because Newman voted, along with a super-majority of the Senate, to impose a 12-cent increase on gas tax, a 20-cent increase on diesel tax, and an increase in car registration fees, in order to rebuild California’s road, bridges and deteriorating infrastructure.  The vote came just after powerful storms had washed out major bridges and threatened the collapse of the Oroville Dam. To be sure that those taxes get used for the reason they were passed, Josh wrote an initiative that is on the June 5 ballot, to require that any funds raised from these taxes are used for roads and transportation. The real reason for the Republican Recall effort is to overturn valid election results and kill the Democratic super-majority in the State Senate.
Message from CA Sen. Henry Stern:  “Josh Newman and I served as Freshman Senators in the California Senate together.  He is sharp, principled and unlikely.  Our Senate Democratic Caucus’ top priority this year is to #ResistTheRecall because we can’t let bullies outbid the democratic will of the people of Orange County.  Get on the bus and come walk with us to defeat the recall effort against Senator Newman and defend California’s progressive majority.”
Host: Senator Henry Stern
Buses Leave From:  LA/Ventura Counties – Specific Address TBA
Buses Arrive at: Newman HQ, 153 N. Raymond Ave.,
Fullerton, CA 92813
To RSVP: Click “Going” on the Facebook Page for the Event
You can  Google “Josh Newman and LA Times” for more articles. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018, 7:00 am – 8:00 pm


The most important thing you have to do in June is vote on June 5.  ***** MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW! *****
If you will be out of town, request an absentee ballot ASAP.
  • To Check Status Your Current Voter Registration with CA Secretary  of State’s Office:  Click Here.
  • To Check Your Voter Registration Status with LA County Registrar:  Click Here.
  • To Register, or Correct Registration Information: Click Here.
  •  LA County Residents: To Find Your Polling Place:  Click Here.

If you are currently registered to vote,  and your registration address is correct, simply go to your polling place

If you need help voting or getting to the polls, email or call the Malibu Democratic Club at:
or  310-457-4592

Sunday, June 10, 1:30 – 4:30 pm



Understanding Facebook, Social Media & How to Make it Work for Us.

Jon Taplin, the Director Emeritus of USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab,  will share his in-depth insight into what just happened at Facebook, and the high tech/cloud-based/social media world we live in. Come hear the fascinating story of how our high tech giants got where they are today, how they operate, and how they impact authors, artists, musicians, as well as our politics and elections.  Jon also has some ideas on how we can get a handle on it, and ensure that it works for the benefit of all. These topics are also addressed in his new book, “Move Fast and Break Things”, which was, in fact, Facebook’s original motto. Jon wrote this book before the recent Facebook debacle. His analysis and insight proved to be not only right, but prescient. Jon’s national book tour was sold out far in advance in NYC, Washington, DC and other cities. Book Signing After the Program.
Host: Malibu Democratic Club
Where: Malibu Public Library, 23519 W. Civic Center Way, Malibu
For More Info on the Author & Book: Click Here.
Suggested Donation: $ 10
* Information on fundraisers and events for specific Democratic candidates is provided for those who may be interested in attending these events. The Malibu Democratic Club does not endorse any specific PAC, and is not endorsing candidates running against other Democrats during the primary season. We support all Democrats who are running, especially those who are attempting to flip red districts blue, or keep districts blue in close races.
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