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Sunday, June 10, 1:30 – 4:30 pm



Jon Taplin, Director Emeritus of the Annenberg Media Lab, Will Speak on Sunday, June 10.


Understanding How Our Social Media/Cloud-Based/Cyber World is Shaping Our Society, Culture Art & Politics
A nationally recognized expert on digital media, Jon will deepen your understanding of the cloud-based/social media/cyber-world that we live in today. Come hear the fascinating story of how the internet morphed from its original concept as a de-centralized way for people to connect into the virtual oligopoly that is re-shaping our world – from music, film, television, news, publishing, and commerce, to our politics, culture and society. The immense concentration of web revenues, combined with their control over our communications and access to our personal information, has given our internet giants not only unprecedented commercial power, but unprecedented social and political power. Jon will talk about how this has impacted writers, composers, film- makers, actors, musicians, and artists, as well as human relations, politics and elections. He will help you understand why Facebook left itself and their c. 2 billion users vulnerable to data-mining by bad actors. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Jon has some ideas on how we can get a handle on it, and ensure that the World Wide Web protects authors’ rights and individual privacy, and works for the benefit of all. Some of those changes are already being talked about in Silicon Valley and national capitals. These topics are also addressed in his book, “Move Fast and Break Things”, which was, in fact, Facebook’s original motto. Jon’s national book tour was sold out far in advance in NYC, Washington, DC and other cities. He recently appeared on “60 Minutes” for his expertise in this field.
Where: Malibu Public Library, 23519 W. Civic Center Way, Malibu
Suggested Donation: $ 10
Parking:  Free Street Parking
For More Info on the Author & Book: Click Here.
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