Voting By Mail


Once registered to vote, you can request a ballot-by-mail for just the upcoming primary, or for all elections.

If you have previously requested to vote-by-mail permanently (i.e., for all elections), you should receive your ballot in the mail, without making a vote-by-mail request for this election.  If you have not previously requested a vote-by-mail ballot for all elections, you will have to make the request again for this election.

***Your Request for a Vote-by-Mail (VBN) Ballot  Must Be RECEIVED BY Your County Elections Office No Later than May 29.***

Voters in LA Country can request a vote-by-mail ballot online, by mail or in person.

  • To Request a Vote-by-Mail Ballot ONLINE:  Click Here.
  • For a Printed Vote-By-Mail Request for the June 5 Primary (to mail in or delivery in person):  Click Here.
  • For An Application To Permanently Vote By Mail:  Click Here.
  • To Check Your Vote-by-Mail Status: Click Here.
  • For More Info for Voting By Mail: Click Here.

Only the registered voter himself or herself may apply for a vote by mail ballot. An application for a vote by mail ballot made by a person other than the registered voter is a criminal offense.

Note!  A ballot will not be sent to you if the application is incomplete or inaccurate.

If you mail your VBM request, mail it to:

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk
Vote By Mail Section
PO Box 30450, Los Angeles, CA 90030-0450

or Deliver It In Person to:

12400 Imperial Hwy., Norwalk, CA 90650 3rd Floor Room 3002
8am – 5pm
(800) 815-2666 option # 2

Returning this application to anyone else may cause a delay that could interfere with your right or ability to vote.

Any voter wishing to become a Permanent Vote By Mail voter may call the LA County Elections /Registrar’s Office at: (800) 815-2666 option # 2 for further information or visit their website at


If you are voting by mail, it must be mailed in by June 5.  (It must be postmarked by June 5 and received by June 8 to be counted.)

Alternatively, you can drop off your completed vote-by-mail ballot at an early voting location or any election day polling location.  (In the case of LA County, our early polling location  is the County Elections/Registrar’s office in Norwalk, not far from LAX.  (For their address and telephone number, see the Elections Office Page under the June 5 CA Primary Menu.)

If you decide that you do not wish to use your vote-by-mail ballot, but would rather vote in person, you can turn it in at your polling place on election day,  and vote a regular ballot. Your surrendered vote-by-mail ballot will not be counted.

If you requested a vote-by-mail ballot but did not receive it or lost it, or forgot to bring it with you to surrender at the polling place, you may vote a provisional ballot at the early voting location or at your regular polling place on election day.