Come Ride the Wave With Us.

Help Create a Tidal Wave
To Take Back Our Country

And Make it a Better, Safer Place for all Americans.

We are the Malibu Democratic Club, one of the first Democratic Clubs established in LA County over 50 years ago.  The Club is proud to represent Democrats in one of the most beautiful locations in California, and like our community, we take seriously our responsibility to and stewardship of this local, state and national treasure.   We are also proud of the Club’s and our Community’s long-standing commitment to environmental protection, social and economic justice, equal rights for all, universal health care, integrity in government, and quality government that is responsive to the needs of its citizens, a government that will ensure a safe, healthy and nurturing environment in which our children, and indeed all people, can thrive.

Our Club is here to support and empower all Democrats in the Community.  Our goal is to bring the Democratic Party and its activity to the citizens of Malibu, and bring the citizens, concerns and views of Malibu to the larger Democratic Party.

The policies of the Trump Administration and the current Congress have motivated Democrats all over the country to work to take back the Congress, take back the White House and get good Democratic officials elected in our city, county and state governments.

Ride the Wave with us in empowering Democrats to help make this happen.  Ride the Wave with us in making a better today and a brighter future for you and all Americans.